Contract is the core and foundation of any business transaction.

A good contract is a good business. For this reason contract drafting and negotiating has a fundamental role in your business, usage of forms shall be avoided. 

Jurisprudentia is proud to have a valuable expertise in contract drafting, negotiation and analysis. Assistance mainly concerns the following contracts: 

  • Sales of goods and purchase agreements
  • Share purchase agreements and asset deals
  • Commercial agency agreements, franchising, distribution agreements and related contracts
  • Cooperation agreements, join ventures, partnership agreements
  • Turnkey contracts, supply agreements, machinery production and sales
  • Corporate contracts, shareholders’ agreements and related contracts
  • Employment agreements, directors’ contracts, employee’s IP contracts, non-competition agreements
  • IP agreements, license agreements and related contracts
  • Various contracts such like Letter of Intent (LOI), preliminary contracts, memorandum of understanding (MOU) and similar contracts
  • Other contracts