International transactions

The way an entrepreneur organizes its commercial structure is fundamental for the successful outcome of its business.

An international commercial transaction is a business deal concerning aspects and norms of different jurisdictions. This raises many sensitive issues which can be of pivotal importance for your business.

Jurisprudentia’s assistance has as object the following matters:

  • Choice-of-law aspects; 
  • Issues relating to uniform law;
  • European payment orders and other European credit recovery instruments;
  • The so-called Rome I and Brussels I Regulations;
  • Application of the 1980 Vienna Convention (CISG) and related issues;
  • International forum selection issues; 
  • Agreements on international dispute settlements; 
  • Arbitration agreements and submission agreements;
  • Multi-tiered dispute resolution clauses;
  • Issues of international insolvency;
  • Action to revoke assets to the bankruptcy estate; 
  • International recovery of outstanding credits;
  • Recognition and execution of foreign judgements;
  • International service of notices