Dario Alessi

Founder & Partner

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Jurisprudentia was founded on 2007 by Dario Alessi. Mr. Alessi is born in Italy and since 1997 lives in Finland, he has gained a consolidated experience of the Finnish business life and Nordic management culture. Thanks to academic success and several years of experience within international business law, Mr. Alessi acquired a remarkable international business legal expertise.

Mr. Alessi is a licensed attorney-at-law being a member of the Finnish Bar Association, he has been involved in many international projects and acted as lawyer in several challenging issues. Mr. Alessi also acted as university lecturer of contract and commercial law, he was also the country referee for Finland and Italy with regard to the Sales Principles of European Law (European Civil Code project) and had some articles published in the field of contract and private law. He is also the Chairman of the Board of the Finnish-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the official trusted lawyer of the Italian Embassy in Finland. Mr. Alessi is a member of the International Bar Association and was awarded the knighthood of Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy for the achieved merits.

Below are the main qualifications of Mr. Alessi in a nutshell

  • Master of Laws from University of Rome “La Sapienza” – Law Faculty
  • M.A. in Political Science (Jur.) from Åbo Akademi University – Law Department
  • Licentiate in Political Science (Jur.) from Åbo Akademi Univeristy – Law Department
  • Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International commercial arbitration from the University of Stockholm – Law Faculty
  • Trained at the Italian Bar
  • Member of the Union of Finnish Lawyers
  • Member of the Finnish Bar Association
  • Member of the International Bar Association (IBA)
  • Member of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA)
  • Diploma in International Trade Law 
  • Diploma in Comparative Law
  • Diploma in European Diplomatic Studies (“Jean Monnet” Chair)
  • Diploma in International Procedural Law
  • Approved Member of the Board of Directors (HHJ)
  • Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy